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The Consumer Duty
All Chariots Specialist Cars employees involved in any aspect of the sale or administration of general insurance products and consumer credit brokering should be both familiar with our strategy and aware of the need to continue to apply and adapt our strategy.

To provide our customers with products appropriate to their needs in a professional and structured environment. We ensure that the products represent value for money.

The FCA four key Consumer Duty outcomes:
The aim of the FCA work on the Consumer Duty is to deliver four key improved outcomes for retail consumers and to build and improve upon the previous Treating Customer Fairly (TCF) process:

– 1. Consumer Understanding: Consumers are equipped to make the right decisions by being provided with the relevant information at the right time and in a form that is easily understood.

– 2. Price and Value: Products and services must be sold at a price reflecting their true value to the consumer.

– 3. Products and Services: The firm’s products and services must be fit for purpose. The terms must match the targeted consumer needs and the products and services work or perform as expected.

– 4. Consumer Support: customer service must be responsive and helpful at all times. It should be as easy to complain about or switch and cancel products or services as it was to purchase them.

Business Culture: Business Culture means that the fair treatment of customers is established throughout the business. There should be clear evidence that we have incorporated the Consumer Duty throughout all of our operations and processes from Sales Director level downwards.

Integrity – which comes about through ethical action on the part of everyone and a socially responsible focus in all our activities.

Service – understood as a permanent quest for excellence and the continuous initiative aimed at caring for our customers.
Leadership – the eagerness to continuously succeed and improve, a different way of thinking to see what others have not seen and incorporate these advances into our business.

Commitment – conducting all our activities with a committed team, who are fully involved in the correct Chariots Specialist Cars customer journey and the constant training of our people, developing their skills and capacities.

We are people who look after people, and it is our Mission to be a committed team that works to constantly improve services and develop the best possible relationships with our customers. This is a commitment to continuous improvement that we fulfil through our Values and which helps us execute our Mission and achieve our Vision.